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Repair Centre

Find out about all the different types of repairs we do, book in your device for our repair service or enquire about an existing repair that we have already started.

repair centre
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Networking Services

We offer a broad range of networking options for the home user, small business or farm including on-site assessment and installation and now available the Ubiquiti long range network system.

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Chat With Us

So many ways of communicating are used today that we have developed our contact area in a way that lets you choose the easiest way for you to get in touch. Be it phone, text, email, twitter and many more.

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About Us

It's always good to know somethings about the people you are going to trust some of your most treasured technology with. Here you can find out about us, our experience and comments from some recent clients.

repair centre
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Data Recovery

If your computer broke or crashed and you can no longer access your important files and photos we offer a complete recovery system where even on the most corrupt drive we are able to salvage files.

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AntiVirus & Encryption

Storing personal data on clients or staff? Your system integraty is more important now than ever before, we offer a wide range of encryption services from a usb to full computers including encrypting the operating system...

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